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Thank you for your interest to ourBurial/Funeral Assistance Program, the number 1of its kind designed for the African in the diaspora. When death hits at our door, it is always a moment of stress for families, friends and relatives. This becomes even more frustrating for us, living in the diaspora with cultural or moral obligation to be buried back at home.

In fact, being buried near our ancestors, the land of our parents with which we have a deep and close sentimental tie is the wish of many Africans, we guess. However, we consider and respect the choice of families who bury their love ones elsewhere than their motherland. Any preferred option is shattered by the mere cost of the entire process. This is where the need for help and assistance from families and friends is most necessary and welcome, regardless of the place of death, the place of burial.

Our initiative is a multi-combination of assistance - services - counseling. It is an all-in-one formula individually tailored to your needs and budget. This program is organized and supervised by Social Initiatives Group and Mutual Aid-International Inc. (S.I.G.M.A-i Inc.) , a U.S nonprofit corporation under the Texas law. We intend to facilitate a dignified final trip to members when ‘’Sunset’’ comes, from affordableand convenient contributions. Your family will thank you for providing the peace of mind that only comes from such thoughtful consideration.

From individual, familyand group registration, everyone is welcome!!!!
Join us today, and be part of the right assistance solution.


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