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    Welcome to SIGMA International. The right Burial Assistance for you, your family and your community.

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as low as $90/year

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Dear Members,

Thank you for your interest to our Burial/Funeral Assistance Program, the number 1 of its kind designed for the African in the diaspora. When death hits at our door, it is always a moment of stress for families, friends and relatives. This becomes even more frustrating for us, living in the diaspora with cultural or moral obligation to be buried back at home.

In fact, being buried near our ancestors, the land of our parents with which we have a deep and close sentimental tie is the wish of many Africans, we guess. However, we consider and respect the choice of families who bury their love ones elsewhere than their motherland. Any preferred option is shattered by the mere cost of the entire process. This is where the need for help and assistance from families and friends is most necessary and welcome, regardless of the place of death, the place of burial.

Our initiative is a multi-combination of assistance - services - counseling. It is an all-in-one formula individually tailored to your needs and budget. This program is organized and supervised by Social Initiatives Group and Mutual Aid-International Inc. (S.I.G.M.A-i Inc.) , a U.S non-profit corporation under the Texas law. We intend to facilitate a dignified final trip to members when ‘’Sunset’’ comes, from affordableand convenient contributions. Your family will thank you for providing the peace of mind that only comes from such thoughtful consideration.

From individual, familyand group registration, everyone is welcome!!!!
Join us today, and be part of the right assistance solution.

Board of Directors

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Funeral or Memorial Service

We educate on life insurance and advise on the adequate plan that fits your needs and your budget. Burial assistance program and life insurance may supplement each other depending on circumstances butare not genuinely designed to be interchangeable. Ultimately, it all boils down to affordability and accessibility.
Why capping your life insurance benefits, whether term or whole, when a burial program can inflate your purse,due to incredibly low fee, and is a much quicker response (48 hours max) to your immediate needs? A life claim investigation may last for weeks up to 2 months which evidently delays burial and increases funeral costs. It’s been observed that in most African families not every member possesses a life policy. The father or the mother is covered, sometimes both, while the children are not. Question is: when sudden death visits one of your family members aside from you who is not protected by any plan, how is funeral expenses taken care of?

Discounts & Referrals

As a S.I.G.M.A. international member, you will receive an incentive equivalent to 10% of membership fee of each individual or family referral. You will also automatically qualify for a 10% discount applicable to your membership fee when you purchase a membership as a member of a group, association or team. Furthermore, for each non-member purchasing a life insurance policy as a result of a S.I.G.M.A. International member’s referral, he or she will be rewarded with 20% towards the active membership or receive the equivalent cash back.

Funeral or Memorial Service

Planning a funeral or memorial service can be overwhelming and challenging and often keeps families from mourning their love ones with peace of mind. That’s why we also offer our members the option to take care of all or part of the followings then pay the balance:

  • Limousine and hearse
  • Funeral casket
  • Floral tributes
  • Newspaper obituary and funeral programs
  • Embalming and preparation for viewing
  • Opening and closing of gravesite
  • Funeral home/church for viewing and service
  • Grave marker or headstone
  • Cremation.

Social Initiatives Group

As non-profit and charity organization, we are committed to support causes we deeply care about. We aim to empower Africans from the motherland by poverty, wars and natural disasters, and uplift African diaspora facing challenges presented by uncharted territories.
In addition to the donations that sustain our social initiatives, we also generate proceeds intended to fund our charity programs by organizing fundraising events (i.e. concerts, sports tournaments, auctions, etc.)while promoting African culture.



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